How to Put Movies From Shrink to an iPod

DVD Shrink is a tool that allows you to "rip" DVD movies from the disc to your hard drive. In order to get that movie from Shrink to an iPod, however, you have to take a few more steps. This is because the format you rip the DVD into is usually not compatible with an iPod. So you'll also need a conversion program to finish the job.


Difficulty: Moderately Easy
Things You'll Need:
  • DVD Shrink Conversion software
  • DVD Shrink
  • Conversion software
Step 1

Download and install the DVD Shrink program if you have not yet done so. See Resources.

Step 2

Download a conversion program, which you'll need later on. An example of one you can use for free is Format Factory. See Resources. Install the program once it downloads by opening the installation file.

Step 3

Insert your DVD in the the DVD drive on your computer. Open the DVD Shrink program.

Step 4

Choose your DVD by clicking on the "Open Disk" button. Drag the files to the backup folder and then click "Analyze."

Step 5

Click on "Backup" to make a copy of your DVD. Open your conversion program.

Step 6

Click on the "All to MP4" button and choose "Add File" to add the file you just converted. Click the "Convert" button to convert the file to MP4.

Step 7

Add the MP4 of the movie to your iPod using your iTunes program, just like you would for any other file.

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