Best Things to Do in Las Vegas at Night

There's more to do in Las Vegas than party until the wee hours of the morning at one of the city's exceptionally well-appointed bars or nightclubs. The various hotels and resorts around the city have gone out of their way to take advantage of the reputation of the city to create experiences that cater to those who like to experience city life after darkness falls.
Bellagio Fountain

The fountain at the Bellagio Hotel is spectacular during the day, when the dancing geysers of water extending more than 1,000 feet keep time with music piped through powerful speakers. At night, though, the fountain takes on new life. The water spouts are coupled with different types of music, and lights illuminate the jets of water in a light-show that extends hundreds of feet into the air. Over 4,000 lights make the water sparkle light a fireworks show made entirely of liquid. Shows start every 15 minutes beginning at 8 o'clock and they go until midnight. There is no charge to watch the spectacle in action.

The Stratosphere

By far the tallest building in Las Vegas, the Stratosphere Tower extends more than 150 stories into the desert sky. At the top of the tower, far above the casinos and hotels below, The Big Shot is a thrill ride that is second to none. The Big Shot launches riders a further 160 feet above the top of the tower. The view is indescribable. Riders are launched skyward at more than 4 G's of acceleration. Riders are launched 160 feet in less than 3 seconds, than plunge down to perch on the top of the tallest building in Nevada. At night, the lights and sounds of Las Vegas come alive when seen from The Big Shot, far above the bustle of the streets below.

The Fremont Street Experience

After darkness falls, the 10 million lights and more than 100,000 watts of thundering sound come to life at Fremont Street. Right in the heart of downtown Las Vegas, the Fremont Street Experience consists of a screen suspended nearly 100 feet above the walkway below. There are nearly a dozen casinos along Fremont Street, and the area is home to some of the most interesting museums and shows in Las Vegas. Elvis shows and other famous impersonators abound in all directions surrounding the Fremont Street experience, and the admission to see the Fremont Street experience is the best kind---it's free.