Facts About SeaWorld in Florida

SeaWorld is a water park located in Orlando, Florida. Throughout the year, many guests visit this tourist hot spot, looking to experience the beauty of Florida and marine wildlife, and to find a few thrills along the way.
SeaWorld Operation

SeaWorld Orlando is open year-round, even on those wet and rainy days for which Central Florida is so noted. Hours of operation are extended during peak seasons, such as the summer travel season.

Fun Fact

SeaWorld is home to the first and only floorless coaster in Orlando, The Kraken.

It's a Family Thing

SeaWorld is home to a family of seven killer whales that are featured in many educational shows about marine wildlife, some of which include awesome stunts.

Manatee Rescue

SeaWorld is home to one of the most successful manatee rescue and rehabilitation programs in the nation. Staff members are on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week. There are many exhibits to help educate the public about these gentle giants.

Trainer for a Day

For those who just cannot get enough through a regular visit, consider paying to become a "Trainer for a Day." See "Resources" for more information on the program.

The Number One Park of Its Kind

SeaWorld in Orlando is considered one of the best water adventure parks in the country. It encompasses more than 200 acres and more than 80 million people have visited since its inception.

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