Dream Vacations for Kids

Dream Vacations for Kids
Dream Vacations for Kids
When choosing a vacation for your family, it can be difficult to find destinations that will meet your expectations, as well as be something that your kids will enjoy. However, there are great vacation spots located throughout the United States that will keep your kids talking about your vacation for months to come.
Walt Disney

It's impossible to talk about dream vacations for kids without discussing the Disney properties including Disneyland in California, Disney World in Florida, and the Disney Cruise Lines. Each of these options have their varying attractions for drawing potential travelers, but have one thing in common, their slogan of "dreams come true". In all three properties your kids will be able to spend time with their favorite Disney characters, enjoy activities that are specifically focused towards kids of all ages, and in both parks get to experience amusement park rides and musical shows everywhere they look.

Disney world: Disneyworld.disney.go.com
Disneyland: Disneyland.Disney.go.com
Disney Cruise Lines: Disneycruise.disney.go.com

All Inclusive Family Resorts

For many years all-inclusive resorts have been geared specifically towards couples looking to get away to someplace warm and tropical. However, within the last few years, all-inclusive resorts have changed their marketing strategies to include the family. Some resorts, such as beaches, have even licensed the right to use familiar childhood characters in their resorts such as Sesame Street. Many have also installed activities such as water parks, amusement park rides, and kids club houses. Prices range from budget to luxury and resorts can be found throughout the Caribbean, Mexico and even parts of the Riviera.

Kid Friendly Cruises

Taking a cue from Disney, many cruise lines have revamped their services and itineraries to include fun-filled activities for kids while cruising with their parents. Cruise lines such as Princess, Norwegian and Carnival all offer kids programs during specific hours of the day free of charge. These programs range from toddlers all the way up to special activities for teenagers. Whether it be parties, games or swimming, these cruises are specifically designed to make your kids want to return for future vacations.

Princess Cruise Lines: www.princess.com
Carnival Cruise Lines: www.carnival.com
Norwegian Cruise Lines: www.ncl.com

Space Camp

If your kids want to be astronauts, one of the best dream vacations that you can give them is a trip to Huntsville, Alabama, where they can experience Space Camp. Space Camp offers kids age 9 to17 the opportunity to experience what its like to become an astronaut. Their programs range from parent and child day programs to six-day Space Academy programs. There is even a special program for disabled children.


Sea World

If sea mammals are more like your child's interests, a vacation to Sea World may be a dream come true. Even kids who have never been interested in whales and dolphins will be amazed and entertained by the shows and exhibits offered by Sea World. Sea World offers three different locations in Orlando, San Diego and San Antonio. Many hotels also offer vacation packages that include entrance tickets to the park.


Busch Gardens

If amusement park rides are more what your kids are into, Busch Gardens may be another option for you. With a Europe-themed park in Williamsburg, Pennsylvania, and an African-themed park in Tampa Bay, Florida, you have two different options for great family fun. Both parks offer attractions ranging from the child-friendly zoo animals and kiddie rides, to teenager- and parent-geared extreme thrill rides and roller coasters. Both parks have partner hotels in which you can arrange additional savings for combining your park entrance tickets and hotel stay together into one package.


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