Chicago Places of Interest for Children

Parents planning a trip to Chicago will have no trouble finding an activity for their kids to participate in. There are many places to visit and places to see. Below are three places in Chicago that offer children the opportunity to be engaged in learning or creating a community.
Brookfield Zoo

The Brookfield Zoo, only 12 miles from downtown Chicago, is a spectacular place to take the kids. The zoo is 216 acres and has many animals to admire and learn about, including bears, dolphins, reindeer, camels, swans and tigers. There are also 21 exhibits (i.e., Fragile Hunters, Fragile Rain Forests and Australia House) and activities to partake in. As of May 2009, the general zoo admission price is $8 to $12.

Brookfield Zoo
8400 31st St
Brookfield, IL 60513
(708) 485-2200

Kid City

Kid City is a place where kids can discover how a city functions. Kids can pretend they're going grocery shopping or work at a movie theater. Kids can also pretend they're visiting the post office to mail a letter. Parents can also have their kid's birthday party at Kid City and choose a pre-themed party planning package (i.e. Movie Time, Sears Tower or Princess Tea) or ask for a customized birthday party. As of May 2009, party packages start at $290, and the per-day price is $12 for a child.

Kid City
1837 W Grand Ave.
Chicago IL 60622
(312) 860-6775

Chicago Children's Museum

The Chicago Children's Museum is a place where kids can play and learn. There are 15 permanent exhibits (i.e., Kids on the Fly, Inventing Lab and Dinosaur Expedition). There are also programs that offer families the opportunity to work together and create a masterpiece together. These programs encourage families to get messy and explore different art forms (monoprinting, Nigerian arts and crafts, and paper making). As of May 2009, the general admission price is between $9 and $10.

Chicago Children's Museum
700 E. Grand Avenue, #127
Chicago, IL 60611
(312) 527-1000

Lorei Velazco worked as a journalist for a television station, in marketing, sales, education and fitness. She holds two Bachelor’s degrees in communications and education.