Cheap Vacation Ideas for Families

Family vacations are rarely easy to plan. Appealing to an entire family on vacation can be difficult, especially when there is a wide age group to appeal too. Trying to stay on a budget can add to the stress of finding the right family vacation. Luckily finding a good deal doesn't mean having to compromise a good time.
Camping at a National Park

Nothing brings a family together better than turning off the televisions, computers and cellphones. Just going on a hike and sight seeing is great way to spend time with the family with out distractions. Aside from famous national parks like Yellow Stone, every U.S. state has at least one national park of it's own. Even the most urban city dwellers are never more than a drive away from a local camp ground. Finding the best park for your family and making reservations can involve some research. Luckily the National Parks Services (NPS) has made incredibly user friendly websites for finding a camp ground in your state and making reservations. Camp sites for families with tents and RVs range from free to about $15 per day, depending on the location. Cabins average about $55 per day but this price can vary state to state.

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Las Vegas

Las Vegas has something to offer the whole family with amusement parks, live shows, swimming pools, zoos, shopping and almost all year round sunny weather. Las Vegas has always been notorious for good deals and thanks to the current economy it's now cheaper than ever before. A family of four can book a three-day trip to Las Vegas with round trip flight and hotel for about $1,000, in spring of 2009. Travel websites have some of the best packages available.

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Carnival Cruise line

cruises have become more affordable than ever before. The Carnival Cruise lines are perfect for families of all ages. Their all-inclusive seven day cruise starts at about $799 per adult and $399 for children under age twelve, in spring of 2009. Carnival makes bringing the whole family easy with non-stop activities from sun bathing, swimming, dancing, children play areas, movies, games and more.

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