The Types of Mattresses Used on Carnival Cruise Ships

Carnival Cruise Lines is one of the most popular cruise companies on the planet. Whether you want to sail over to the Caribbean or explore Mediterranean Europe, you can do so in style on Carnival cruises. Not to mention, you can relax in soothing comfort on Carnival Cruise Lines, due to their extremely comfortable mattresses that are used in all of the guest cabins. Their mattresses are known as the Carnival Comfort Bed mattresses, and they are exclusively made for Carnival Cruise Lines.
Carnival Comfort Collection

The Carnival Comfort Sleep Bed System consists of Carnival Comfort Beds. They are available for purchase from the Carnival Comfort Bed website, which displays many items that are available from the Carnival Comfort Collection, especially the legendary, comfortable mattresses (see Resources). Other items available through the Carnival Comfort Collection include duvets, pillows, sheet sets, bedding sets, robes, accessories, bath linens and blankets. However, the mattress sets are by far the most popular.


Carnival Comfort Beds focus on support, durability and, most of all, comfort. The mattresses have extremely firm, sturdy edges, high density, flame retardant safety foam, highly durable inner cores (of Bonnell springs), quilted filling and stitching, and flame retardant covers (Trevira RS). You should get a comfortable, relaxing night's rest that focuses on the health of your back.


The mattresses manufactured by Carnival Cruise Lines come in three different sizes. The three available mattress sizes are Full (55-by-75-by-10 inches), Queen (60-by-80-by-10 inches) and King (76-by-80-by-10 inches). The King-sized mattress is the most expensive option, while the Full mattress is the cheapest one.


Many people are big fans of the Carnival comfort beds due to their relaxing (8-inch) box spring and spring mattresses. (Mattress and box spring sets are available for purchase through their official site.) They are also known for their duvet made out of down that is entirely hypoallergenic and their top notch cotton blend satin-strip pillowcases and sheets. If you combine Carnival comfort bed mattresses, duvets, sheets and pillows, you might be in for the most comfortable, cruise-style sleep of your lifetime.

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