History of Carnival Cruise Lines

History of Carnival Cruise Lines
History of Carnival Cruise Lines
Famous for its "Fun Ships," Carnival Cruise has been offering cruise vacations to singles, couples and families alike for almost 40 years. Carrying the most passengers in the world, their ships offer guests relaxation in the sun, sports, spas, casinos, shops and exciting ports of call throughout the world. If you are planning on sailing with Carival you will be interested in knowing about its long and rich history.

Carnival Cruise Lines was founded by cruise industry pioneer Ted Arneson in 1972, with hopes of becoming the world's largest cruise line.

Maiden Voyage

Carnival's maiden voyage was completed by the TSS Mardi Gras that hit a sandbar just outside of the Port of Miami. The TSS Mardi Gras was a converted oceanliner that sailed until 1993 and was later sold for scrap in 2003.


Carnival's Tropicale debuted in 1982 as one of the first new cruise ships the industry had seen in decades. Its debut helped to spark an industry wide shipbuilding book after the Tropicale was the fastest ship sailing between Miami and the Caribbean.


In 1984 Carnival became the first cruise line to advertise on network television. The company's commercials are easily recognized because their spokesperson and famous television personality, Kathie Lee Gifford.

Going Public

In 1987 Carnvial held its initial public offering to fund future expansion, which included adding a variety of types of vessels to its fleet. Carnival Cruise Lines has been expanding ever since by adding new and larger superliners to grow its fleet almost every year.

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