Beach House Decorating Tips

Beach House Decorating Tips
Beach House Decorating Tips
A beach house is a calming respite from everyday hassles and concerns, so you should decorate it to reflect the natural surroundings by using comfortable furniture, breezy fabrics and a soft color palette. You can also enhance your beach house by mixing crisp white with bold splashes of color, such as turquoise and coral. Bring elements of the beach indoors by setting out seashells and using natural materials such as stones, pebbles and rough-hewn wood.
Natural Elements and Colors

Celebrate the beach by decorating with sand- and sea-inspired tones. Hang cream or tan drapes and add a pop of color to a neutral couch by using pillows in shades of bright turquoise and coral. Lay stone tile in your bathroom and line the tub with starfish and elegant bowls of seashells. Buy wrought-iron water fixtures for your sink and bathtub to complete the natural look. For a beachy kitchen, enhance a wall with sea-colored glass tile and hang natural bamboo shades on the windows.

Sophisticated Nautical Style

Decorate your beach house with a classy nautical theme. Buy a navy blue and cream striped couch made of a relaxed cotton fabric, use an antique chest as a coffee table and display vintage sailboat replicas. Hang wrought-iron lanterns to cast a soft glow across the room. Set out blue Adirondack chairs and tables featuring blue-and-white-striped canvas umbrellas on the porch.

Nantucket-Inspired Décor

Update your beach house with a romantic Nantucket-style theme. Hang delicate white eyelet curtains in the windows to catch the ocean breezes and paint the walls a soft butter-yellow color or a light pink hue. Choose a vintage floral-print quilt for your bedroom and use a white wicker headboard, dresser and nightstand set. Enhance your bathroom with a white claw-foot tub and splurge on fluffy floral towels and a matching shower curtain. To bring a touch of nature into the room set out vintage glass vases filled with fresh-cut roses.

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