What to Wear in Las Vegas in the Winter

Vegas evokes images of palm trees, pools and searing desert heat. But if you're planning a winter Las Vegas getaway, be aware that temperatures become quite chilly at night. You'll want to pack outfits in preparation for Las Vegas' cooler winter weather.
Vegas Winter Temperatures

As you plan your Vegas vacation, people will tell you that the winters in Las Vegas are mild. It is true; Vegas is smack in the middle of the Mojave desert so a January trip won't require you to snowshoe down the Strip or be bundled up like you were vacationing in Vancouver. You will, however, have to be realistic. The Vegas desert does cool down considerably at night from November through March. Expect nighttime lows to be in the mid-30s to mid-40s Fahrenheit, even if the daytime temperatures reached into the high 60s. Wind is also an issue during the winter and spring months and brings cooler temps that first-time winter travelers to Vegas may not be expecting.

Essential Items

Layers are a good rule to follow when dressing for a Vegas winter adventure. You will most likely be walking outside as you go from casino to casino, so bring a lightweight jacket or sweater to combat the chill. Underneath your jacket or sweater, you'll wear a cute (or masculine, depending on how you roll) shirt or blouse that you would be comfortable wearing as a stand-alone piece. Once you're in the casinos (and start winning big or drinking and not caring) the temperatures will warm up and you'll probably not need that top layer. Boots, for guys and ladies, are a fashion-favorite in the winter. Boots can work with jeans or a more dressy skirt so they are a versatile footwear choice.

Vegas Fashion Sense

The easiest part of packing for a winter trip to Las Vegas is knowing that you can dress however you want. Vegas style ranges from the ultra-casual sweats and flip-flops to high-end fashion to the barely-there, even in winter. You want to pack outfits that you are most comfortable wearing so you can best enjoy the Las Vegas scene.

Fun Fact

On January 25, 1937, the low temperature in Las Vegas was 8 degrees, tying the all-time coldest temperature for the city. (Fact courtesy of the National Weather Service.)

Fun Fact

In December 2008, a fierce storm dropped as much as 8 inches of snow in parts of the Vegas Valley. (Fact courtesy of the National Weather Service.)

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