What to Wear to a Captain's Ball on a Cruise

What to Wear to a Captain's Ball on a Cruise
What to Wear to a Captain's Ball on a Cruise
The Captain's Ball is the most formal event of the cruise. Accordingly, there is always a dress code. Those hoping to crash the party in their Top-siders and striped sleeves will be disappointed. This event requires careful consideration in terms of wardrobe.
The Prom Feel

The Captain's Ball is commonly referred to as a sort of prom. Women can comfortably be escorted into the room while wearing a gown of some type. A small piece of jewelry, like a choker, would also be appropriate. For the men, a tuxedo is a nice choice. Both of these suggestions make life a little easier, as it is not really necessary to go digging through the closet to piece an outfit together. Though a bit conservative, the gown and tux offer a touch of elegance that a suit might not have.

Evening Dresses and Suits

If reliving the high school prom only brings nightmares of drinking Colt-45 in the gym parking lot, then opt for something less traditional but no less formal. For women, ditch the gown and instead go for a pretty dress. An evening dress, hanging to the ankles, and made of a fine material like silk would work well and at the same time be much more comfortable. For men, a nice suit tailored to fit would be a nice contrast to a rented tuxedo. For example, a Hugo Boss light pin-stripe with a dark, collared shirt and tie would work nicely. If this is not traditional enough, a vest could be added. The point, whatever the choice, is to have fun with it.

Classy Chic

The options above are excellent choices but might lack some flair. If something classy yet chic is preferred, try thinking outside of the box. For women, a light cocktail dress would work well. Keep it hung to the knee. As these dresses are usually lower cut, jewelry options are better. Pearls or a longer necklace could work. If the dress color is bright, try using more delicate jewelry. For men, avoid pleated trousers and aim for something modern that still retains some level of class. Pant legs can flare slightly but bell-bottoms might be too much. A dark patterned shirt with an oversize collar and velvet smoking jacket might do nicely too. Use common sense and don't be afraid to create something cool while still staying within the boundaries of the dress code.

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