What to Bring for a Disney Cruise

A Disney cruise has all the makings of a fun family adventure that you will never forget. From the exotic destinations to the on-board entertainment, there is never a dull moment for both adults and kids. While going on a cruise can be an exciting experience, it is important to plan ahead so you are prepared to pack everything you might need for the cruise. From personal documents to toiletries, it is vital to the success and satisfaction of your trip that you bring all of the right belongings to your Disney cruise.
Important Documents

Traveling requires the proper paperwork, so be ready with your driver's license, cruise information and itinerary, passports and visas, auto insurance card, credit cards and prepaid phone cards. You will need all of this relevant information for all the passengers going, including children. It is a good idea to make at least three copies of your cruise tickets, itinerary and passports. One of these copies is to leave with someone at home, one is for your checked luggage, and one is for you to carry with you at all times. It also is wise to carry traveler's checks, but keep the receipt for your check purchase somewhere other than your wallet.


The atmosphere on the cruise is informal, so be sure to pack warm weather, light and comfortable clothing that will travel well. This includes shorts, lightweight T-shirts, swimsuit cover-ups, sandals and comfortable walking shoes. You also will want to bring a bathing suit, towels, hat for protection from the sun and sunglasses. Depending on the destination and time of your cruise, you also may want to bring a sweater, warm socks and closed-toe shoes. While the majority of your trip will be informal, you may want to bring a few dressier items for special nights on the boat or ashore. Bring enough clothing for each day of your trip, plus one or two days extra in case of an emergency.


Sunblock is essential for your trip. Nothing spoils a good cruise more than a painful sunburn that causes you stay in bed and miss all the fun. Be prepared with extra sunblock protection for your face and lips, and SPF 35 or higher face creams and chapsticks. You also will need essential items such as a toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, hairbrush, razors, makeup, hand lotion and handi-wipes. You also may want to pack a small first aid bag that includes Band-aids, Vaseline, tweezers, antibiotic creams, anti-diarrheal medication, and insect repellent and bite treatment. Don't trust that you won't get motion sickness; bring Dramamine and other anti-nausea medication.


You will want to keep records of your fun, so make sure to have a camera that is ready with extra film or batteries. Memory cards on digital cameras fill up quickly on vacation, so you might want to bring a spare. You also will need your cell phone and cell-phone charger, reading glasses if you require them, a plug adaptor, laptop computer and charger, flashlights and an umbrella. For the kids, bring snorkels, water wings, squirt guns, tubes and other fun swimming supplies.

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