How to Travel From Colombia to Cuba

If you want to travel between the South American nation of Colombia and the Caribbean island of Cuba, the best, most efficient and quickest way is by air. Several airlines offer service between the two countries, usually flying between the capital cities of Bogota and Havana. One such airline that offers service from Colombia to Cuba is Taca International Airlines, which serves Mexico, Central American, the Caribbean and parts of South America.


Difficulty: Moderately Easy
Things You'll Need:
  • Airline ticket Passport
  • Airline ticket
  • Passport
Step 1

Purchase your plane tickets directly from the official Taca Airlines website (see Resources). You can also purchase plane tickets on a discount travel website such as Orbitz (see Resources). On the sites, you will be asked to fill out forms asking your desired date of travel and return (if necessary), the preferred airline class, and how many people will accompany you (and whether children are among them). You can also specify whether you have a discount code for ticket purchase. Once you enter your information, the available flights should come up and you should be able to book a flight using a credit card. You can also book flights by calling the main telephone numbers on both of the websites.

Step 2

Aim to arrive two hours ahead of departure time at Bogota's international airport, Aeropuerto El Dorado.

Step 3

Make sure you have your passport on you, whether you are a Colombian, Cuban, American or any other citizen. You must also have your ticket (purchased for Taca Airlines), whether you printed out an electronic ticket or received one in the mail. You will not be able to check in without a ticket.

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