How Does a Travel Agency Work?

How it Works

Travel agencies work by providing an array of services for a customer, such as booking flights and hotel accommodations. It's usually worth the cost of using a travel agency because it manages not only to find cheaper flights but can also manage to make arrangements for four- to five-star hotels at decent prices.


One agency might provide for safari-type trips, another might only do cruises or high-end trips. Other travel agencies might book destinations specifically for business or just for tourists. If for some reason a travel agency has failed to provide you with your vacation, you will be given a refund or an equivalent vacation package.

Extra Provisions

If a customer has previously tried to book a hotel that is currently sold out, agents are capable of contacting the hotel manager to get that customer a room. Travel agencies can also assist with other benefits such as car rentals, sightseeing and tours.


Agencies can organize specific packages according to your destination needs. They can give you an itinerary of what you will be doing when you arrive at your destination to provide for an optimal vacation. If there is an issue of flight or reservation cancellation, the travel agency will notify you.


Travel agencies run on commission. Because of the services they provide, they receive a percentage of the costs provided for your vacation. Although most airlines do not pay travel agencies commission for booking flights, the travel agency might charge a nominal fee for the service of booking a flight.

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