Camper Trailers Just Big Enough to Sleep in

Camper Trailers Just Big Enough to Sleep in
Camper Trailers Just Big Enough to Sleep in
The teardrop camper trailer is a small camper that is just big enough to sleep in. The teardrop is a very economic little trailer, as the maintenance and extra expense in terms of gasoline is minimal in comparison to a larger camping trailer or a recreational vehicle. This camping trailer is so lightweight that you can even pull it with a motorcycle.
Little Guy Teardrop Camping Trailers

The Little Guy Teardrop Camping trailer comes in several different models including the Travel Mate, the Rascal, the 4-Wide Econ or Platform, the 5-Wide Econ, Retro, or Platform, the 6-Wide Platform or Sport, the Little Guy R/T, the Lil' Rough Rider and the Silver Shadow. Each of these teardrop trailers has slightly different features that include either no mattress, a full-sized, queen-sized, or a king-sized bed. Other features include aluminum fenders, alloy wheels, a stone guard, a fiberglass shell, one or two doors that lock for security, a wheel jack, customized graphics, interior cabinets and a platform. The floors are linoleum and the walls are carpeted. The Little Guy Teardrop trailer also has a rear hatch and galley for storage and food preparation. All models come with a roof vent. The tubular frame is constructed of steel. The price of The Little Guy Teardrop trailer ranges from $2,995-$7,495 depending upon the model.

Little Guy Worldwide
5640 Whipple Avenue NW
North Canton, Ohio 44720
(877) 545-4897

Camp-Inn Teardrop Travel Trailers

The Camp-Inn Teardrop trailer comes in three different models, the 500 model, the 550 model, and the 560 model. All models come with a hatch that locks, under the counter storage, a 5-foot wide cabin area, sliding windows with screens, an insulated roof, aluminum exterior, ball hitch, hitch jack and wheel, steel frame, chrome rims, and stainless steel fenders. Depending on which model trailer that you chose you may have a queen-sized bed or bunk beds. Additional optional features are also available including more storage space, water/outlet hook ups, air conditioning and more. The prices for the Camp-Inn Teardrop trailers range from about $6,800 to $16,300.

Petenwell Industries LLC
555 Kucirek St.
Necedah, Wisc. 54646
(608) 565-7443

So-Cal Teardrops

The So-Cal Teardrops comes in four different models, which include the Original, the Rover, the Sierra, and the Cal-Deluxe. The Original, the Rover, and the Sierra are approximately the same size with the Sierra measuring slightly larger and the Cal-Deluxe measuring more overall. Bed sizes in the Original and the Rover measure 46"x75". The Sierra and Cal-Deluxe beds are 58"x75" and 58"x 80" respectively. Additional features include steel frame, jacks, white wall tires, chrome hubcaps, running lights, a galley hatch, propane stove, storage space, windows with screens, stereo, and locking doors. Prices for these models range from $5,995 to $8,995.

So-Cal Teardrops
8458 Loma Place
Upland, Calif. 91786
(909) 982-1199

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