Things That You Can Take on an Airplane

Things That You Can Take on an Airplane
Things That You Can Take on an Airplane
Trying to decipher exactly what you can and cannot take on an airplane is a daunting challenge. It takes a bit of research and reading of the fine print to know what you can pack in your carry-on bag for your next trip. Here is some information that will help you determine if your favorite items can go on the plane with you.
In Your One-Quart Baggie

When it comes to liquid, each passenger has an allowance of a one-quart, zip-top, clear plastic bag. In this bag you should put your essential toiletry items. Each of these items should be of travel size and no larger than 3.4 oz. in volume. Some items you may want to fit into your baggie include tooth paste, shampoo and conditioner, non-aerosol hairspray, liquid makeup, hand sanitizer, lip balm and deodorant. While standard razor blades are not allowed on the plane, safety razors or those used for shaving are allowed in your carry-on. If they will fit, go ahead and put these items in your baggie to keep things together and for ease of inspection by security.

Items to Pass the Time

A plane ride is the perfect time to catch up on reading or finishing your favorite craft project. Any books and magazines can be taken on the plane with you. Knitting needles are allowed in your carry-on as well. They must be less than 31 inches in length and it is preferred that they are made of bamboo or plastic and not of metal. In addition, you can also take blunt-pointed scissors that are less than 4 inches in length. Hand-held electronic devices, such as video games and MP3 players, are allowed on a plane as well. However, you will need to follow the guidelines explained by flight attendants for their use. Anything with an off and on switch must be turned off during takeoff and landing. Attendants will announce when it is safe to turn on these devices and when you will need to shut them off. Also remember that you will want to keep your under the seat in front. Sometimes it takes a while for the fasten seat belt sign to be turned off and if it is on during most of the flight you will not be allowed to get up and search through bags in the overhead bin for your items.

Special Conditions for Necessary Items

Prescription and non-prescription medications and necessary liquid items, such as breast milk and baby formula, are all allowed to be carried on the plane. If these items are small, go ahead and put them in your quart-sized bag for ease of scanning. However, they are not required to be there so if they won't fit don't worry. Simply keep them together in some type of bag or case and you will need to declare these items to the security officers running the security checks. It is best to keep medications in their original, marked packaging especially those that have a prescription label.

Be Prepared for Refusal

While most airports work to implement the same guidelines for carry-on luggage, there is still a chance that you may encounter an agent who refuses to allow you to board with an item you thought was OK. Unfortunately, the officers at that location are the ones running the show and have the ability to refuse items. To be on the safe side always carry a self-addressed, stamped envelope with you in your carry-on when you travel by plane. Then if your item is refused you can slip it in the envelope and give it to the agent to be mailed back to your home. While this can be frustrating, it is better to have things sent back to you then for it to be confiscated and taken away from you for good.

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