Where to Swim With Dolphins in Turkey

Where to Swim With Dolphins in Turkey
Where to Swim With Dolphins in Turkey
Imagine yourself pulled through the water by a friendly dolphin. For some, it may only be a dream, but for others, swimming with dolphins can become a dream come true. If you are planning a trip to explore the scenic lands and beautiful seas of Turkey, consider adding swimming with dolphins to your itinerary. Turkey has several facilities where you can interact with these outgoing marine mammals, but it's a popular activity, so be sure to book your reservations in advance.
Adaland Dolphinpark

After the regularly scheduled shows at this aquatic theme park, guests who have made reservations in advance can swim with the dolphins. Small groups of four to six people are allowed to swim and interact with dolphins for approximately thirty minutes. As of 2009, it costs 80 Euro for a swim-with-the-dolphins session. A special program is also available for non-swimmers.

Adaland Dolphinpark
Camlimani Mevkii Kusadasi
011 (+90) 256 618 12 52

DolphinPark Marmaris

The Swim with Dolphins program lets guests touch and swim with dolphins in a large open-water pool located on a bay in Marmaris. The dolphins have been trained to interact with a variety of people, and the secure pool is used only for the dolphin encounter programs. Participants between the ages of 12 and 18 must be accompanied by an adult. Contact the program for current prices and to make a reservation.

DolphinPark Marmaris
Mares Hotel Coast 48700
Marmaris Mugla
011 (+90) 252 455 24 33

Dolphin Therapy

Located on the Mediterranean coast in southwest Turkey, the Dolphin Park allows dolphins to live in their natural environment in the sea. One of the few dolphin therapy centers in the world, the programs revolve around animal-human interaction, natural ultrasound therapy and psychotherapy and were developed for people with mental disabilities. Like other animal therapy programs, it is believed by some medical professionals that animals, in this case dolphins, can stimulate the psychological and physiological abilities of disabled people. The programs are managed by doctors as well as by therapists and a marine mammal trainer. As of 2009, the price for a single swim with a dolphin is 55 Euros and the price for ten days of Dolphin Therapy is 3000 Euros. Anyone interested in learning more about the available therapy programs should contact the facility directly.

Dolphin Park Kas/Antalya
Yasaryazici Cad. Incebogaz Mevkii No. 10/1
Kas Antalya
011 (+90) 242 836 40 46

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