Senior Citizen Travel Aids

Senior Citizen Travel Aids
Senior Citizen Travel Aids
When we finally have the time and money to travel, we may need a little help to do it. Fortunately, people of a "certain age" in the travel industry are interested in encouraging their generation to be active travelers.
Transportation Discounts

Some airlines, Amtrak, some EU countries rail systems and most metropolitan transit systems offer discounted rides and passes for seniors.


Membership organizations like AARP and AAA, tour companies and even senior bank depositors clubs offer discounted tours including travel, lodging and insurance.


Collapsible canes or walkers make walking easier: some walkers do double-duty as shopping carts or have seats designed into them.


Airports, shopping areas and tourist attractions provide wheelchairs, scooters, personal assistants and other assistive devices---always call ahead or ask the hotel concierge to find what's offered.

Medical Kit

Medications in original containers and a printed schedule of medication specifics containing backup prescription forms or doctor contact information---all packed into one kit bag---will simplify security port procedures.


A simple money conversion table for fast reference and practical phrasebook with phrases like "where could I sit down, please" make getting around easier.

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