Rental Car Tips

Renting a car for business or pleasure trips offers a flexible transportation option for many people. Car rental companies have cars in a wide variety of styles for all budgets and needs, from family sedans to luxury sports cars. Planning ahead and understanding car rental company terms will help the rental process go more smoothly and save money on the rental.
Car Rental Deals

Checking with multiple car rental agencies before choosing one will help find the best deal. When inquiring about rental prices, consider asking about weekly rates as many rental companies have deals for longer rentals. For individuals on a trip, a travel agent may be able to find better rental deals via package rates.


Reservations should be made well in advance, as this not only assures that you will get your rental car when and where you need it, but advance reservations offer individuals the opportunity to pick the car they want.


Age requirements for renting a car may be anywhere from 18 to 25 years of age. Be aware that drivers on the younger end of that spectrum may be offered less favorable rates. Many car rental companies now check driving records as well. Moving violations on a driving record may require an additional deposit.


Car rental companies have insurance that protects them if an accident happens but this does not protect the driver. Consider purchasing temporary collision damage insurance from the rental agency when renting a car. People should check with their regular car insurance company before purchasing insurance from a car rental agency, as they may already be covered for rentals.

Vehicle Inspection

Before driving off in a rented car, inspect the car inside and out for damages. To avoid possible repair fees, the same inspection procedure should be done when the car is returned. Have any damages or problems to the vehicle documented by the rental agency.

Fine Print

To avoid additional fees, always read the fine print on a rental contract. Many agencies require extra payment when a car is driven over a certain amount of miles or if the car is returned with less than a full tank of gas.

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