Can I Renew My Passport if It's Already Expired?

You can renew your expired passport, provided that it hasn't been expired for too long. If your passport expired more than 15 years ago, you need to start from scratch with a passport request. Otherwise, you can renew.
Time Frame

It takes about four to six weeks to process a renewal. You can get expedited service for a fee as well as even quicker service with an appointment.


If your expired passport is damaged (stained, torn or has missing pages), you can't renew it. You'll need to start the process from the beginning.


If you were under 16 when the passport was issued, it can't be renewed.


If you've changed your name due to a change in marital status or other legal reason, you can't renew your expired passport.


You must submit the expired passport with the request for renewal.

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