Remodeling Ideas for My Travel Trailer

Used travel trailers can be purchased for significantly less than the cost of a new travel trailer. Many of them may look shabby and smell musty, but with a little work and repair they can be made functional and comfortable. Further, investing in a travel trailer will save money on hotel stays, works well for camping and there is a community of travel trailer enthusiasts who can offer tips and advice for road trips.

A common malady in travel trailers is that the ceiling will become rotted and leak or mold, and mushrooms could begin growing in it. Inspect the ceiling prior to making any internal repairs to assess whether the travel trailer can be repaired and to ensure that new improvements are not exposed to the outside elements while the ceiling and roof is being repaired.


There is no use in making a travel trailer look great if it is nonfunctional. Replacing appliances such as the stove top and toilet can add life to a travel trailer. These modifications should be done before any cosmetic repairs, because major appliance repairs may create a mess.


The seating cushions can make a travel trailer look very dated, and they are often one of the first things to become worn and capture odors. Most of these are made out of foam and are removable. Take the cloth outer covering off of each cushion and wash the inner foam with dish soap, letting it dry thoroughly. Measure the dimensions of the cushion, and simply sew new covers in durable fabric.


The cabinets in a travel trailer also can easily become worn and dated. These can either be repainted and new knobs installed or replaced all together. However, it is important to remember that a travel trailer will need to stay below a certain weight. Because of this it is essential to weigh all materials and compare them to what was previously installed in the unit.


Paint can not only freshen up a room in a house, but it can also revive the inside or outside of an old travel trailer. Choose soothing, light paint colors such as shades of white or light blue to make the space look larger. Dark colors can give travel trailers a claustrophobia-inducing feel.

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