How Do I Put Music From an iPod on a Flash Drive?

The iPod MP3 player is actually incredibly similar to the workings of a flash drive. In essence, the iPod is just a fancy flash drive with a user interface. This is what allows the iPod to bring up songs so fast. On a typical hard drive you would have a delay time while the device spins to find the material. Because the makings of the drive are incredibly similar, it is possible to place music from an iPod onto a flash drive.


Difficulty: Moderately Easy
Things You'll Need:
  • iTunes Flash drive
  • iTunes
  • Flash drive
Step 1

Connect the iPod to the computer via USB cable. This will launch iTunes automatically. Allow the device and the computer to sync. This will place all the saved material of the iPod onto the computer through iTunes.

Step 2

Disconnect the iPod once the sync has completed. Plug the flash drive into the computer via the USB port. In a moment the computer will state it has detected new hardware.

Step 3

Open "My Computer." You will see the "Removable Disk" listed in the available hard drives. Double-click this to open it. Leave this window open while you bring up iTunes.

Step 4

Click and drag the music from iTunes and release the click once the file has been dragged into the flash drive's window. Do this for all of the music you would like to copy.

Step 5

Close the flash drives window once you have completed the copying process. Go back to "My Computer" and right-click the "Removable Disk" drive. From the pull-down menu select "Eject." This will properly remove the disk drive without causing damage. It is not safe to remove the flash drive, which now contains the music from the iPod.

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