Philippines Passport Requirements for Children

To apply for a passport for a Filipino child in the Republic of the Philippines, you must visit the Department of Foreign Affairs' consular office in Manila. The procedure to apply for a passport for a child younger than 18 varies depending on several factors, including whether or not the child will be traveling with his parents, and whether or not the child is legitimate.
Personal Appearance

One parent must appear in person in order to apply for a passport for a Filipino child, if the child is legitimate. If the child is not legitimate, then the mother must appear in person to make the request.

Travel Clearance

In some cases, in order to obtain a passport for a minor child, the parent must receive travel clearance from the Department of Social Welfare and Development. This document, called a DSWD Clearance, is issued to the Filipino child and is good for one year only. This document is required for all Filipino children who are traveling alone or without a parent, but is not required if the child will be traveling with one or both parents. If required to present a DSWD Clearance form, you must also bring a photocopy of the form.

Supporting Documents

If the child is not traveling with either parent, then an Affidavit of Support and Consent is required. The form can be downloaded from the Department of Foreign Affairs website. In addition, for all applicants, an application form should be filled out. This can be obtained through Citizen Services at the website. The parent will need to bring an official copy of the child's birth certificate and three color photos of the child. The photos must have a royal blue background and be 3.5 cm tall 4.5 cm wide. The child must be wearing a shirt with sleeves and a collar in the photos. The standard fee is P 500.00.

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