Minimum Age to Purchase a Plane Ticket

Minimum Age to Purchase a Plane Ticket
Minimum Age to Purchase a Plane Ticket
Airlines and the Department of Transportation work on restricting children from flying on their own without the permission of their parent or guardian. This helps cut down on kids running away from home or facing danger from someone they met online. There is an age limit on buying airline tickets, but there are exceptions to this rule.
Minimum Age

The minimum age for purchasing plane tickets is 18, according to the airlines. They require proof of age such as a driver's license when the buyer picks up her ticket.

Special Circumstances

In some circumstances, those under the age of 18 can fly and purchase a ticket on their own. This applies to emancipated minors and those without a legal guardian.

Travel Agents

Those who purchase their plane ticket through a travel agent aren't confined to age restrictions. Travel agents don't typically ask for identification from their customers.

Purchasing a Ticket

Purchasing a ticket directly from the airline requires a credit card or debit card, along with a picture ID that shows the same name and face. Since credit cards are restricted to those 18 or older, ticket buyers must adhere to these same rules.

Purchasing Online

Purchasing online is different because it requires only a credit card. Anyone with access to a credit card can buy a ticket directly from the site and pick it up in person.


Airlines require that children and minors fly with and adult or guardian. The only way of getting around this restriction is by filling out an unaccompanied minor form from the airline. The age limit varies, but it usually applies to minors under the age of 15.

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