Military Passport Requirements

Military Passport Requirements
Military Passport Requirements
Active duty members of the military travel from country to country within their duties using only their ID card and their travel orders. They do not need a passport in addition to those items. However, if members of the military wish to travel to nearby countries for sightseeing, or if family members of active duty military wish to travel along, it is necessary to have a "military" passport.
The Military Passport

There is not anything actually called a military passport; there is, however, what is known as a no-fee passport, on a diplomatic, official, or standard (blue) level, that is often available for members of the military and their families, according to the Navy's Passport Services website.


Anyone applying for a no-fee passport at any level must have U.S. citizenship. Non-U.S.-citizens, even if working for the U.S. military, are not eligible for no-fee passports.


A U.S. citizen who is an employee of the U.S. government may be issued a no-fee passport for travel required by their government job.

Military Duty

A U.S. citizen who is an active duty military personnel may also be able to obtain a no-fee passport for personal use. They could use their military ID cards and papers for traveling to assignments, but could use the no-fee passport for personal travel unrelated to military duties.

Family Members

Family members of active military personnel who are traveling, too, are eligible for no-fee passports. The Headquarters Department of the Army website states that "military family members authorized to accompany their sponsor abroad are entitled to "no fee" passports."


The no-fee passport is obtained through the Special Issuance Agency in Washington, D.C.; however, military personnel are instructed to contact the passport or travel office of their branch of the military for specific instruction about the passport application process.


According to the U.S. Department of State, these no-fee passports are only to be used in conjunction with travel for official purposes. Thus, the active military can use no-fee passports for travel required by their official duties, and their family can use it when accompanying them. For personal travel, the Department of State recommends a normal tourist passport.

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