How Do I Fly Standby for JetBlue?

Flying standby used to be a bargain and a relatively simple proposition--show up at the gate, put your name on the standby list and wait for the airline to offer you an empty seat at rock-bottom prices just minutes before the plane takes off. But competition has made the airlines leaner and, perhaps, meaner, when it comes to standby bargains. JetBlue ticket holders can change their plans at the last minute and fly standby in restricted circumstances, and while it may not cost you any extra money, it will not save you any, either.


Difficulty: Moderately Easy
Things You'll Need:
  • Your JetBlue ticket Your JetBlue itinerary Reservations telephone number: (800) JETBLUE.
  • Your JetBlue ticket
  • Your JetBlue itinerary
  • Reservations telephone number: (800) JETBLUE.
Step 1

Contact JetBlue within 24 hours of your original flight to request a standby seat on an earlier flight.

Step 2

Check the JetBlue schedule. If your destination is served by more than one JetBlue flight per day, you are eligible to fly standby for no fee on an earlier flight on the same calendar day. (There is no standby for later flights--they simply require a ticket change, and likely a higher price, unless you purchased a fully refundable ticket.) To qualify for standby, you must travel between the same cities; however, transfer cities do not have to be the same as your original flight.

Step 3

If your destination is served by only one JetBlue flight a day, you may fly standby for no fee on the day before your scheduled flight. You must fly between the same cities.

Step 4

Make your standby request by telephone to a JetBlue reservations agent or at the airport ticket counter. Calling reservations may be a better option, since agents have a global picture of the reservations system and may be able to guide you to flights that are likely to have more seats available.

Step 5

Check in at least an hour before the flight and wait at the gate--wandering off to a airport restaurant or bookstore may mean you miss important announcements about seat availability.

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