What Documentation Do Children Need to Fly?

What do you do when your child needs to travel by plane? Many people never consider the fact that one day they may need to take a trip with their child that will require flying or that they may have to put their child on a plane alone. So what documentation do children need to fly? Let's take a cursory look at children and flying.
Domestic Flights

IDs are not required for children. However, it is wise to carry a copy of your child's birth certificate with you for identification purposes.

International Travel

Flying internationally requires that all passengers have their own passport. This includes newborn children as well.

Parents Traveling Alone with Children

Having a notarized letter from your spouse or significant other giving consent for the travel is recommended.

Children Traveling Alone

Depending on the airline, the minimum age for children traveling alone is 5 to 15. Parents are asked to fill out a form when booking an unaccompanied minor flight.

Airline Rules

Contact the airline you plan on flying to see what their requirements are for documentation and identification for your child.


The fact is there is no documentation required for children to fly, unless they will be traveling to an international destination. It is a good idea to obtain a passport for your child so that she has some form of photo identification just for safety's sake.

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