Can I Rent a Car for Someone Else?

Many people wonder about renting a car for someone else. The other person usually doesn't have a credit or debit card, but needs a rental car. The simple answer is that no one can rent a car for another, but the issue is much deeper than that.

When trying to rent a rental car, the renter must use a credit or debit card along with a valid driver's license. The names on both cards must match.

Primary Driver

The primary driver is the person entered into the system as the payer of the rental. If anything happens to the car, that person is responsible for the damages.


With reservations, the individual can enter the name of someone else as a qualified driver on the account. Most companies charge an additional fee for this person.

Fine Print

Reading the fine print on the contract clearly states that no one can rent a car for someone else. The person paying for the car is responsible for it.

Legal Issues

This all boils down to a legal issue, which is that the rental car company wants to recoup their losses in the case of an accident. They don't want the renter claiming that someone else drove and caused the damage.

Getting Around It

The only way to rent a car for someone else is to rent the car and sign the documents when picking up the car. The renter can then hand the keys over to another driver.

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