Where Can One Go Without a Visa on a Jamaican Passport?

Nationals of Jamaica who have a valid passport have many options when it comes to visa-free travel. Throughout many parts of the world, Jamaican passport holders have no problems entering countries without a visa for tourist purposes. Travelers are encouraged to always check directly with a desination country's embassy or consulate as rules can change without notice. And do not be discouraged if a visa is required; often, visas can be acquired in airports for a nominal fee.

Jamaican passport holders can travel freely to the Bahamas for a maximum of three months as long as they have a return or onward ticket as well as enough funds to afford their stay. All paperwork for their next destination must be in order. Passport holders can also travel to Haiti, the Dominican Republic, and Trinidad and Tobago without a visa for a maximum of three months, and the same rules for a return or onward ticket apply.


Many countries in Africa do not require Jamaican passport holders to possess a visa to enter the country. Kenya allows passport holders a stay up to three months without a visa; visitors must possess a return or onward ticket and at least $500 (or equivalent) to sufficiently fund their travels. In Uganda, passport holders can stay up to six months without a visa with sufficient funds and an onward or return ticket. Zambia and Zimbabwe each allow a stay of up to three months without a visa.

Central and South America

Throughout Central and South America, many countries allow Jamaican passport holders entry without a visa. Mexico allows visitors a stay of up to 180 days as long as the passport has a consular stamp and they posses an FMTTV form (issued free to passengers by airlines or on arrival). Peru allows visitors up to 90 days as long as they have an onward or return ticket. Venezuela also allows 90 days, but in addition to a return or onward ticket, the passport holder must have sufficient funds to cover travels and the tourist card--"Tarjeta de Ingreso" Forma DEX 2.

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