The Best Time to Book Flights to Hawaii

Traveling to Hawaii can be expensive. There are a limited number of carriers, so competition isn't so fierce. Also, many travelers use their frequent flier miles on this route, further diminishing the availability of discount options as airlines maximize their profit to this destination.
Last Minute

Airfare wars often break out in early May, making summer travel less expensive for those who can stand to wait. Also, last-minute deals do pop up at other times throughout the year, so your patience can be rewarded.


It's virtually impossible to get a deal around the winter holidays, a very popular time for Hawaii. Book as far in advance as possible to avoid paying thousands of dollars for a ticket to the islands.

Plan Ahead

If you know your travel dates and want to use frequent flier miles, book ahead--as soon as you've got your dates decided. Frequent flier mile seats are snapped up on this route. Waiting even a day can jeopardize the potential of using your hard-won miles to get a free seat.


Direct flights book first. If you're willing to connect through Los Angeles or Honolulu, you're more likely to get a deal, and there's often more availability, which makes it easier to book a flight.

Time Frame

It's best to book a flight that leaves in the morning. Since most travelers are heading west, this means that you arrive in Hawaii while it's still daylight and have plenty of time and sunlight to get to your accommodations.

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