The Best Medicines for Motion Sickness

The Best Medicines for Motion Sickness
The Best Medicines for Motion Sickness
Motion sickness can occur during any type of ongoing movement. This could be flying in an airplane, sailing in a boat, riding in a car or twirling on an amusement park ride. Once you begin feeling sick from the motion, you aren't going to stop until the motion stops. You can, of course, prepare yourself for this by taking some motion sickness medication. There are several different types out there, and you are bound to find one that will keep you from losing your cookies.
Scopolamine Patch
Boat rides can cause motion sickness.
Boat rides can cause motion sickness.

The Scopolamine patch is also called Transderm Scop. The great thing about this patch is that once you place it behind your ear, you can leave it there for three days and it will continue to work. That makes it perfect for use on a cruise ship. This patch works by not allowing the signals from your inner ear to reach your brain. Therefore, your brain won't be told that it doesn't like the motion you are experiencing. The only downside is that you need to remember to put it on at least four to six hours before you start going in to motion.


Dramamine is one of the most popular motion sickness medications. The problem with regular Dramamine is that it leaves you feeling tired. This can interfere with your vacation plans. Then, the makers of Dramamine came out with a less drowsy formula, which has the same benefits as the original formula. It comes in a bottle of eight tablets. You need to take one tablet every 12 hours. That means if you are flying, you will most likely need one on the way to your destination and one on the way home. The active ingredient in Dramamine Less Drowsy Formula is 25 mg of Meclizine. This prevents nausea, vomiting, dizziness, and even vertigo.


Benadryl is an antihistamine. An antihistamine also blocks signals to the brain that tell it your body doesn't like the motion it is experiencing. Benadryl is an excellent choice for children who experience motion sickness because it comes in a liquid form for children, whereas most other medications are geared toward adults. The Benadryl will alleviate the motion sickness symptoms, but it can leave a person feeling drowsy. Still, this drug is effective and is the safest when it comes to side effects.


Reglan is the drug you want to take if you are already experiencing motion sickness. The above mentioned drugs work best only if you take them before you start feeling sick. Reglan is often used to stop vomiting and nauseousness, which makes it perfect for use after motion sickness has already started. Reglan is made in tablets for adults and in a syrup form for children. It does cause drowsiness, but if you are already feeling sick you would most likely welcome the tiredness over the nauseousness.

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