The Best Fly Fishing Kayaks

Find that kayak that best fits your fly-fishing needs.
Find that kayak that best fits your fly-fishing needs.
There are many types of fly-fishing kayaks, and each one offers something a little different to the user. Although it's hard to say which one is the best overall, you can break down the different types of kayaks available to find one that works best for the type of fly fishing you want to do.
Lake Fly Fishing

A 9- or 10-foot kayak is ideal for fly fishing in lakes. This type of kayak is easier to control, thus positioning it will be much less of a chore, and will allow you to concentrate on fly fishing. Another thing to consider is cockpit space. A sit-on-top kayak is better suited for fly fishing because it gives you more access and freedom of movement. Perception makes an excellent line of sit-on-top kayaks for fly fishing. The Old Town Dirigo is also excellent for lake fly fishing--it has a large cockpit and is very stable. It also has rod holders and storage for your flies and gear.

Ocean Fly Fishing

For fishing on the ocean the Wilderness Systems Tarpon 120 is an excellent choice. This kayak has a sit-on-top design, with plenty of storage in front and behind you. It is also12 feet long, so it is stable enough for bays and around the beaches. The accessories include a rod holder, elastic netting and dry-storage hole, which makes the Tarpon 120 a popular choice for ocean fly fishing.

Larger Water

The Perception Carolina kayak with rudder is the best choice for fly fishing in big water. This kayak has a closed-cockpit design, which means it is a little more stable and will perform well when and if it gets rough. The cockpit stays dry because waves cannot crash into it. The rudder is the real advantage in a large 14-foot boat like this, making it easier to turn and maneuver the kayak. That is a plus when chasing a large fish in open water.

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