The Best Car Battery Jumpers

There are many different types of jumper cables and jumper cable "packages." Depending on your budget, you could spend a few dollars up to $60 or even $80 or more for a nice set of cables with a self-contained battery. However, the very best jumper cables are called "auto jumpers." These are cables that come with a battery pack so that you don't need to use another car to get the required charge.
WAGAN Self-Charge Auto Jumper

This is a small battery pack with low-grade connectors. Price: $24 to $35.

Duralast Jumper Start Pack

These jumper cables have a battery pack and medium-grade connectors. Price: $49.99.

Deka Battery Booster

This auto-jumper has pro-grade (commercial quality) all-copper connectors and is available in 2-, 4- or 8-gauge wire. Price: $105.99.

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