What to Bring on a 3-Day Carnival Cruise

Is a three-day Carnival cruise in your future? Three days may not be a long time to be out at sea, but it's a long time to be without something you need for your trip. Don't leave home without everything you need to make your three-day Carnival cruise smooth sailing.
Cruise Requirements

Bring all of the documents you need to board the ship and partake in shore excursions. Your cruise ticket or reservation is a must, of course, but you also must bring the proper identification. A photo ID may be sufficient, but depending on your cruise itinerary, you may need a passport for shore excursions. You can verify these rules with Carnival or by checking with the embassy or consulate of the places your ship will visit.


Even if your Carnival cruise is all inclusive, you should still bring additional money with you. During the course of your trip, you are likely to face incidentals, such as tips and snacks. Most Carnival cruises do not include beverages in their all-inclusive price, so you may have to pay for these separately. Generally, you will sign for your purchases during the cruise and then settle up the bill before you leave the ship. Cash, credit cards and traveler's checks all are welcome.

The Proper Attire

Carnival has dress codes for their dining rooms that differ from ship to ship. Check the dress codes for your cruise and be sure to pack appropriately. The clothing you will need for the rest of your time on the ship and the shore excursions will depend on your itinerary and the time of year you are traveling.

Medical Necessities

Bring basic medications, such as painkillers and antacids, as well as any prescription medications you take. Over-the-counter medications and some common prescription medications may be available on board, but coming prepared will save you time and money.

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