Types of Beds in Hotels

In order to give travelers the best hotel experience, most hotels will offer a selection of bed types in a room. These bed types all vary in terms of size and use. Knowing what their needs are a head of time will help a guest determine which of the bed types they need.
King Size

The most popular bed type in a hotel is the King size bed. Usually, if a room features a king bed, that will be the only bed in the room. This bed most often comes in two variations, the Regular King or the California King. The Regular King is the widest bed type out there, and it is 76 inches wide by 80 inches tall. The California King is going to be slightly thinner and slightly longer than its Regular King cousin at 74 inches wide and 84 inches tall. Both the King and the California King can sleep two adults comfortably.

Queen Size

Queen beds are slightly smaller than a King size, but they can still sleep 2 adults. The Queen size beds are 60 inches wide and 80 inches long. Since this bed is slightly smaller than the King, it doesn't fit two people as comfortably. Because of this, hotels don't usually offer this type of bed, preferring to go with either one King or two double beds.

Double or Full

For a room with two beds, a hotel will most always go with the full or double size bed. Because of its size, the double bed is perfect for this room set up, but is uncomfortable for full size adults to sleep in. The double bed is 54 inches wide by 75 inches long which is notably smaller. If a guest is over 6 feet high, this is a really uncomfortable bed to sleep in. Usually, rooms which have two double beds in them are occupied by families, and the extra bed is necessary for the amount of people in the room.


Rooms with twin beds are rare, but some hotels do offer them. This bed is 39 inches wide by 75 inches long and is good for sleeping only one adult. Taller adults will find this bed is not long enough to sleep comfortably on. Twin beds are usually used in bunk beds. Often times, if a hotel offers a special kids bed area in the room, there will be twin size bunk beds for children.

Rollaway, Sofa Beds, and Murphy Beds

Many hotels also offer the option of an extra bed in the room. This extra, non-permanent bed type takes the form of a roll away, sofa bed or Murphy bed. The Roll-away is a mobile bed which unfolds into a twin size bed. The sofa bed is a bed which is converted from a couch. The sofa bed is usually double size. Finally, in order to save space, some hotels offer Murphy beds, which are stored inside a wall and fold out to make a bed. Murphy beds can be in any size, but they are usually double or twin size.

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