Things to Do in Cape Town in November

Cape Town is a modern, high-energy city in South Africa and has become the center of cultural events and community gatherings. It's also home to dozens of historical sites, old manors and estates that date back to the early 17th century. When temperatures drop during the winter season in Cape Town, you can head out of beach territory to enjoy a number of indoor attractions and activities in the downtown area. From exploring museums and art galleries to visiting historical estates, you'll find a number of things to enjoy in November.
Visit the Slave Lodge in the Western Cape

This small museum is dedicated to slavery in the Cape and was built in 1679, and the lodge itself was built in 1679. The lodge was once the home of thousands of slaves but was converted to a government office before becoming a museum. You can explore the rich history of this destination with a self-guided tour of the facility.

Slave Lodge
Corner of Wale and Adderly Streets
Cape Town, Western Cape 8001
011 (+27) 21 461 8280

Explore the Metropolitan Gallery

Take in dozens of modern exhibits and displays of South African Art at this modern art gallery. It houses hundreds of works from local and national artists, and hosts a different exhibition every three weeks. You can take a guided or self-guided tour of the grounds to see all four exhibition spaces in one day.

Metropolitan Gallery
35 Church Street
Cape Town, Western Cape 8001
011 (+27) 21 424 7436

Take the Robben Island Tour

Take a ferry ride from Cape Town to Robben Island to see the site of former prisoners who were sent here during the apartheid era. The venue is now a learning center that houses photographs and artifacts of the old prison and the island itself is a UN World Heritage Site. The entire trip takes about half the day, so plan to spend several hours traveling to and from the island and exploring the grounds.

Robben Island
(Ferry departs from the V and A Waterfront)
Cape Town, Western Cape 8001
011 (+27) 21 413 4200

Visit the Two Oceans Aquarium

Learn about the aquatic and marine life of South Africa with this large aquarium that also offers scuba diving activities in its shark tank. The aquarium hosts feeding events of the penguins and sea animals throughout the day, and you can take a self-guided tour of the facility to see dozens of fish, coral and small sea animals in small tanks and eye-cathing displays.

Two Oceans Aquarium
V and A Waterfront
Cape Town, Western Cape 8002
011 (+27) 21 418 3823

Explore the Hartenberg Estate

This majestic estate is located in Bottelary Hills and was built in 1692. It has been deemed the "home of unhurried wines" and all of the grapes have been grown on site. Visitors can explore the gardens around the property and take a guided tour of the manor to learn more about one of the most impressive and distinctive Cape Town wineries.

Hartenberg Estate
Ons Genot Road 4
Bottelary Road
Stellenbosch, Western Cape 7605
011 (+27) 21 882 2541

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