10 Facts About Clothing in Spain

10 Facts About Clothing in Spain
10 Facts About Clothing in Spain
Spain is known throughout the world for its many traditions, including art, music, architecture, food and literature. But the country also boasts a strong fashion culture, which dates far back into its past. Here are 10 facts about Spain's clothing trends and fashion industry.
Summer Wear

From June through August, Spanish fashion usually consists of breathable cotton T-shirts, loose-fitting tops, bright, colorful sun dresses and khaki slacks and shorts. A variety of sandals, loafers and athletic shoes are also common. Sun hats are also especially popular during summer months. Shorts are more common in coastal regions.

Fall and Winter

Spain is a relatively windy country during the fall and winter. Finely knit top coats, ski jackets, leather gloves and insulated slacks are popular outdoor garments during the cold season. A variety of jeans, mid-to-dark colored turtlenecks, sweater vests and oxford shirts are commonly worn as casualwear.

Business Wear

Spanish business attire commonly consists of conservative suits and ties on men and well-made business suits on women, as Spaniards are not usually known for flashy power suits or flamboyant attire.


Most clothing specific to Spain is commonly made of cotton and wool, though fine leather is also popular. Polyester clothing is not commonly worn by Spaniards. In general, tailors and manufacturers there are known for their craftsmanship and ability to make well-cut and semi-conservative yet fashionable clothing from excellent fabric.


Formalwear is common in many parts of Spain. It is not uncommon to see restaurant patrons donning finely constructed evening gowns and three-piece suits.


Shoes made in Spain are known for their intricate styles and fine leather construction. Women wear a variety of sandals, loafers and high-heeled shoes. A variety of leather riding boots are also popular among men and women. Business and formal footwear consist of square- and pointed-toe shoes and pumps. Athletic shoes are popular and a variety of global brands are common in Spain.


Spain is famous for its Old World shops and clothing boutiques specializing in contemporary and traditional Spanish designs.

Global Brands

Much like the rest of the world, Spain offers a variety of popular global clothing brands such as Gucci, Zara, Dolce & Gabbana, Chanel, Giorgio Armani and Louis Vuitton. Shopping districts are rich in boutiques selling top-line clothes.


Fine leather accessories such as gloves, purses, belts, wallets and equestrian wear abound in Spanish boutiques and big-box outlets.

Asian Clothing

Clothing imported from Asian manufacturers is popular in Spain. Though not up to the quality and keen craftsmanship of clothes made in Spain, Asian products are attractive, trendy and priced competitively, which is why they hold a significant market share.

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