Christmas Vacation Ideas for Singles

Christmastime can be a bit of a frustrating time for singles. It will seem like everyone else is celebrating the holiday either with their spouse, spouse and children, or significant other. As a single you feel like there's nothing really for you, as Christmas is marketed as a time for families. The answer to this is to get away, and take a vacation. Escape to a warm weather location. Choose a destination that is known as a destination for singles, so you can meet others just like you. Singles resorts and cruise ships will host events to help you meet the other singles while you are vacationing during this Christmas week and enjoying the warm weather.
Las Vegas

If you are looking to take a chance at love, why not take a chance in a town known for gambling. Las Vegas clubs are popular the week between Christmas and New Year's when college students are off for winter break, and singles are using up their last week of vacation. Las Vegas is a great place for a single man or woman to be seen at the clubs where you can dress to impress. The city of Las Vegas has many nicknames that label it as a town for short term romances such as Sin City, and the saying "What Happens In Vegas Stays In Vegas," all providing hope for singles during Christmastime when the clubs are full with locals and tourists alike.

Hedonism Resorts In Jamaica

Christmas can be a very cold time for someone single during the holiday season. To warm it up, head to Jamaica and enjoy the Hedonism Resorts. As a single, not only do you get to get away from the cold weather, but you have the opportunity to find other singles looking to warm up their love lives as well. It might just be a short-term fling, or it could lead to a long-term relationship, the choice is up to you and the partner you find at Hedonism in Jamaica. As a single, think about whether you'd rather be in the cold weather of the U.S. checking out other singles all bundled up, or would you rather be in Jamaica, taking in the scenery of singles from the opposite sex wearing very little.


Aruba is a popular tourist destination for singles. Around Christmastime you will find those on break from college and others just looking to escape the colder climate. There are plenty of all-inclusive resorts in Aruba. It's a good idea to book a package at one of these resorts, because clubs and liquor stores charge close to twice as much for drinks and six packs of beer as you will pay in the United States.

Singles Cruises

Cruise lines offer singles cruises, sometimes to a variety of different ports. Others are known as "Singles Cruises To Nowhere." These cruises to nowhere go out into the ocean and let the singles party on the ship. There are plenty of activities for getting to know other singles, including team events, battles of the sexes, and even speed dating evenings.

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