How to Build a Simple Camping Chair

You can build your own camp chair using natural materials when you arrive in camp; however, if you bring along some durable thin rope, such as parachute cord, and a folding camp saw, then the task of making a chair becomes even simpler. All that is needed is a basic knowledge of lashing techniques and some elementary building skills.


Difficulty: Moderately Challenging
Things You'll Need:
  • Folding camp saw Parachute cord Campsite with woods and rocks
  • Folding camp saw
  • Parachute cord
  • Campsite with woods and rocks
Step 1

Cut three straight branches about 4 feet in length (you can estimate). Use the camp saw to do this and take note that the branches need not be more than 1 or 2 inches in diameter.

Step 2

Cut one of the three pieces at approximately the two-thirds mark and save the extra piece.

Step 3

Lash the three pieces together to make a tripod stand. This is done with a tripod lashing. Place the three branches on the ground and make sure that the bottoms are even and that the short piece is in between the two long pieces. Then start your lashing about 6 inches from the tip of the short stick with a clove hitch on the short pole. Weave the rope around and through each stick at least six times before you begin the tightening phase of the lashing. A lashing is made tight by wrapping the rope between the gaps in the poles several times. Then finish the lashing off with another clove hitch on any of the poles.

Step 4

Stand the three poles upright and spread the legs to form a tripod. Make sure the lashing is tight and that the tripod is strong.

Step 5

Find a flat rock and place it in the crotch of the tripod. This is your seat.

Step 6

Lash the short piece of branch to the two tall upright branches using a square lashing on each end.

Step 7

You can cut more cross pieces and lash them also to the two upright branches to make the backrest more comfortable.

Step 8

Cut the short leg so it is flush (or close to it) with the top of the flat rock.

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