Interesting Facts About the New England Colonies

The original colonies of New England are forever embedded in U.S. history. Interesting facts about the New England Colonies are abundant and range from simple history to religion to law.
Plymouth Colony

Plymouth Plantation, located in Plymouth, Massachusetts, was the first permanent colony in New England. It is also where the Mayflower Compact was signed.

Roger WIlliams

Roger Williams, originally from Massachusetts Bay Colony, angered fellow Puritans by being the first person to suggest a separation of church and state as well as stating that the Indians should be paid for their land. He would later leave and form the colony of Rhode Island.

Connecticut Colony

The Connecticut Colony was the first of all the colonies to put forth a Constitution and enact a two-house legislature.

Connecticut Colonial Law

It was punishable by death to speak anything blasphemous, perform any blasphemous actions or curse biological parents.

New Hampshire

New Hampshire Colony was originally aligned with England and formed prosperous plantations rather than fighting for religious freedom. Of the four original plantations, Strawbery Banke still stands and has become a popular tourist attraction where you can see the daily life of settlers still in action.


The Popham Colony in Maine was developed early, but was short-lived. Maine existed as part of the Massachusetts colonies until it became a state in 1820.

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