The History of Manzanola, Colorado

Manzanola is a town located in Otero County, Colorado. This small town covers less than one square mile and has a population of about 500 citizens.

The name Manzanola comes from the Spanish word for apple. Locals claim that the large population of Spanish immigrants were responsible for the name.

Mining Rush

Manzanola arose as settlers moved west in the hopes of finding gold and becoming rich. They settled in the town, but when the mines stopped producing, most settlers moved.


In 1903 Manzanola became home to the Bartow Canning Company. This company brought new jobs to the area and helped the town recover from the loss of the mining industry.

Covered Wagons

As late as 1916 families were still arriving in Manzanola by covered wagon. They came to the town hoping for prosperity and riches.


In 1994 the town reached nationwide news when a high school student was arrested for trying to poison his teacher. The boy was part of a drug distribution ring working in the state.

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