The History of Alma, Colorado

Alma is located in the South Central region of Colorado. This is a fairly small town of less than 200 people that came about as the result of mines in the area. Alma is often viewed as a ghost town or dead town because its population is so small.
Original Town

The original town of Alma was located north of the current site. When the town was originally formed it went by the name of Buckskin Joe.


Alma was one of many mining towns that appeared in Colorado during the mining boom. At one point the town was finding more than $1.5 million worth of minerals every year.


The town of Alma was never prosperous in terms of population, and a smallpox epidemic did little to help that. When the epidemic swept through the town, many residents died and many others packed up and moved.

Silver Heels

Silver Heels was a resident who stayed in the town even during the smallpox epidemic and helped those residents left behind. Stories claim that she came down with smallpox and disappeared mysteriously, but her ghost still haunts the area.

Sweet Home Mine

The Sweet Home Mine was the largest of the mines in Alma. The mine is still working today and produces a large number of rhodochrosite.

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