Where Is a Good Place to Vacation in March?

Where Is a Good Place to Vacation in March?
Where Is a Good Place to Vacation in March?
March is a great month to travel to many destinations. The high season is still away or has just passed, the prices are lower and the weather is a lot milder. Whether looking for a place to spend a weekend or an excuse to leave the country, March is a great time to do it.
Las Vegas

In March, Las Vegas is home to March Madness and the NCAA Championship, the largest and one of the most challenging basketball competitions in the country. Parties abound, and there are many places in which to see the games on screen. While March Madness is a big deal in Las Vegas and hotels book early, the low season is still in effect, so you can easily find good deals and discounted prices if you do your research. Also, the weather in Las Vegas is still bearable in March. With an average of 69 degrees F and a humidity level of just 22 percent, you won't be suffering the blistering heat of later months.


If you like snow and didn't have a chance to go skiing during the winter, March is the time to visit Colorado. The larger crowds of tourists are gone, so you'll have more opportunities to enjoy the slopes or to practice if you're a beginner. Many ski resorts lower their prices in March or offer end-of-the-season specials as well, and finding an available room to stay for the weekend will also be a lot easier. The Monte Vista Crane Festival, held for the three days in the first half of March (dates vary from one year to the next) is also a great reason to visit Colorado. Visitors get a chance to spot hundreds of sandhill cranes on their way north after the end of winter.

Monte Vista Crane Festival
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Europe gets the largest part of its tourist visits in summer, so March is the perfect time to visit. Paris, Rome and London are less crowded, many of the attractions and popular places offer specials and discounts and it will be a lot easier to find an affordable hotel room, since more booking opportunities means you may be able to negotiate prices or shop around. If you're heading to the south of Europe, especially to Greece, Turkey and the southern half of Italy, March is an ideal time to visit, as the temperatures are still in the mid-60s, ideal for exploring ruins, sailing and spending time outdoors, although too cold for the beach (a consideration if you're looking to spend time on the sand). Do keep in mind that March can be rainy and windy in some parts of Europe, especially in cities near the ocean. Dress accordingly and research your destination (down to the specific city) well so you know what to expect.

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