Catholic Retreats for Women

Catholic Retreats for Women
Catholic Retreats for Women
Women often find themselves pulled in several directions, sometimes to the detriment of their Catholic faith. Catholic retreats for women seek to fill the need women have to reconnect with God and one another, as well as to deal with circumstances that are more often found in the hearts of women than in the hearts of men. Read on and learn about specialized retreats that cater to a variety of needs Catholic women might have. Note that these are ecumenical retreats, allowing those women who have not embraced Catholicism ---or who walked away from it---to participate as well.
Ecumenical Catholic Retreats for Women Suffering with Post Abortion Grief

Attend Rachel's Vineyard (see Resources below) for a Catholic retreat that's open to women---and in some cases men---who are grieving after an abortion. Whether the choice occurred years ago or more recently, Rachel's Vineyard targets women suffering from the unintended consequences of their choice to find forgiveness in a relationship with God. In retreat centers throughout the United States and Canada, women are invited to initiate the grieving process that takes them through each of the stages of grieving.
Rachel's Vineyard is an ecumenical Catholic retreat, also welcoming those outside the faith to participate. The program is run, in part, by priests and it is highly recommended by at least one archbishop. This is a weekend retreat.

Rachel's Vineyard Ministries
808 North Henderson Road 2nd Floor
King of Prussia, PA 19406
(610) 354-0555

Ecumenical Catholic Retreats for Women at the Malvern Retreat House

Choose the retreats at Malvern Retreat House (see Resources below) if you are in need of Catholic reconciliation, faith strengthening and guided fellowship opportunities. These are retreats that are highly recommended for women who feel like they are not as involved in their Catholic faith as they would like to be, who need a boost to get to the next level in their faith, or who feel the weight of unresolved guilt and shame and need to move past this obstacle to enjoy a vibrant relationship with God.
The Malvern Retreat House schedules numerous women's retreats throughout the year, and it is a good idea to either visit its website or contact the office for new retreat schedules. Non-Catholics are welcomed to join during the retreats.

Malvern Retreat House
315 South Warren Avenue
Malvern, PA 19355
(610) 644-0400

Ecumenical Catholic Retreats for Women at a Jesuit Venue

Book your spot at a Catholic retreat at the Ignatius House (see Resources below) for faith-building exercises. This is a retreat house operated by the Jesuit order. It focuses on helping women build their relationships with God. Different retreats focus on reflection, prayer and atonement.

Ignatius House
6700 Riverside Drive, NW
Atlanta, GA 30328
(404) 255-0503

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