The Best Vacation for a Single Mom With Kids

A single mom with kids needs a relaxing, low budget, low-key type of vacation to forget about life's everyday stresses and responsibilities. Renting a cottage on the waterfront is the perfect place to go for tranquility. If the potential loneliness or expense makes this seem unmanageable, consider traveling with another single mom and her kids to make this possible. The activities listed below make this an irresistible vacation possibility.

The soothing water of a lake or ocean calms the nerves. Let the kids play and have a ball, but remember that monitoring children is essential for safety.


Exploring the outdoors is not only good exercise and fun, but educational as well.


Cooking outdoors or just packing sandwiches is a no-fuss, no-muss operation, and is a perfect solution for getting out of the kitchen.


Rowing out on the lake or the ocean offers a quiet and relaxing time for all.


Your kids will learn patience as they await the big bite of their first catch; you might get some much needed quiet time.

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