The Best Shelling Beaches in Hawaii

Wandering along the shore collecting sea shells is a time-honored tradition. Finding shells that remind you of a wonderful vacation in the islands of Hawaii is a great way to spend some time either by yourself or with your family. The best shelling beaches in Hawaii are spread amongst the islands, so no matter which one you visit, you're likely to have a great shell-finding experience.
Mokuleia Beach Park, Oahu

While Mokuleia has a well-deserved reputation for surfing, the waters close to shore are quite calm due to a protective reef. It's an ideal spot for shell hunting if you head to the west end of the beach. The beach doesn't offer a lifeguard, so keep an eye out for strong surf warnings. There's plenty of free parking as well as restroom facilities. You can also kite board at this beach.

Mokuleia Beach Park
North Shore
Oahu, Hawaii


Located on the South side of Maui, Makena Beach offers snorkeling and kayaking galore, plus a great place to find seashells. It is a wide, open beach with mature trees that provide a shady spot for a picnic or just to rest. The wave pattern can be somewhat unpredictable and the surf is strong, so be sure to keep an eye on children if they're paddling out into the surf while searching for shells.

Makena Beach
Maui, Hawaii

Tunnels Beach, Kauai

While the north shore of Kauai offers many great shelling beaches, Tunnels Beach is reputed be the source of the puka shell necklace craze that began in the 1960s, so it's a great place to visit. The waters are calmed by a protective reef, so making it a good spot for snorkeling.

Tunnels Beach
Kauai, Hawaii

Lumahai Beach, Kauai

Made famous in "South Pacific" by Mitzi Gaynor, Lumahai Beach is a lovely beach on which to search for shells. It's also one of the most photographed beaches on Kauai due to its ideal conditions. The river to the left is calm and cooling. Surf is sometimes too rough for swimmers. It's in an isolated area, which makes it quiet and not overpopulated.

Lumahai Beach
Highway 560
North Shore, Kauai

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