The Best Cities for Single Women

At some point in their lives, most people make a conscious decision about where they want to live. It may be after high school, college or graduate study, but at some point when a young person is out on her own, a decision is made about where to put down roots. For single women, certain cities present much better prospects of meeting single men than others.
The West Coast

While career prospects seem like they would be the most important factor when choosing a place to live, the number of prospective partners in a certain city and the ratio of men to women is often the most important factor for young singles. For single women, cities on the west coast provide the best chances to meet potential mates. Cities like LA, San Diego, San Francisco, Las Vegas and Seattle all have disproportionate numbers of single men. While housing prices in these cities tend to run high, spurring many to live in outlying areas and commute, job prospects are generally strong. Weather is also great on the west coast, since temperatures are moderated by the ocean: it never gets too cold, though in southern California it can get very hot.

The Southwest

The west coast may have the advantage when it comes to pure numbers of single men, but many many cities in the South and Southwest have good present good prospects for single women. For those who like the heat, Phoenix is a city with a large proportion of single men. Several cities in Texas have men outnumbering women by a significant number, including Dallas/Fort Worth, Austin and Houston. For those who can handle a little more cold, Denver and Salt Lake City also have a high number of single men.

Other Great Cities for Single Women

The West and Southwest are regions where single women enjoy the best prospects of meeting single men, but there are several outlier cities in other regions of the country with good prospects as well. In general, the east coast has a surplus of single women, but if you don't mind some competition, New York and Washington, D.C., are exciting cities with a wide variety of jobs. Certain cities, such as Philadelphia and Boston, are fairly balanced between single men and women. Minneapolis is the city the the largest number of available men outside the West and Southwest, which also has better than average career prospects.

Gregory Hamel has been a freelance writer for various websites since September 2008 and has also authored two young-adult science-fantasy novels. He has a Bachelor of Arts in economics from St. Olaf College. Hamel maintains a blog focused on running and fitness.