Is It Safe to Travel to Dubai?

Dubai is a rapidly-growing city in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). As a major center of commerce and trade, Dubai is gaining attention as a popular --- if expensive --- tourist destination. Dubai offers remarkable hotels, excellent cuisine, and traditional Arab culture. Many travelers, however, worry about traveling to the Middle East because of the conflicts in nearby Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iran, but Dubai is a remarkably safe place to travel.

Although many of the countries surrounding Dubai have been subject to terrorist bombings, Dubai and the UAE as a whole have been quite bomb-free. Many in Dubai say that the government pays off terrorist forces to keep it that way. Whatever the reason, however, Dubai is not subject to the same atrocities as its neighboring countries.

Anti-Western Sentiments

Over 80 percent of Dubai's population consists of foreign citizens, so anti-Western sentiments are not high. Rather, locals are often curious about the cultures of others.

Travel With Children

Arab culture places a high value on families, and children are a welcomed and loved part of their society. In Dubai, children are welcome even in high-end restaurants, and it is not uncommon for strangers to interact with children. This will happen particularly often if your children are fair or pale. Watch closely, but do not be alarmed or react angrily.


In general, Dubai is an extremely safe country. Exercise the same caution you would in any city, and avoid deserted areas after dark.


Women can travel safely in Dubai, even alone. Men in Dubai are used to the fashions and expressions of Western women, but that does not stop them from staring or commenting. To avoid comments, dress modestly, and resist the urge to react to rude men. Women can drive, be seen in public with non-related men, and hold professional positions, unlike in some neighboring countries, such as Saudi Arabia.

Elizabeth Smith has been a scientific and engineering writer since 2004. Her work has appeared in numerous journals, newspapers and corporate publications. A frequent traveler, she also has penned articles as a travel writer. Smith has a Bachelor of Arts in communications and writing from Michigan State University.