Iraqi Passport Requirements

The Iraqi passport is one of the primary sources of identification in the country and is considered valid for six months from the date of issue. The key to a successful application for passport in Iraq lies in getting to know what these requirements are ahead of time. All these documents are to prove the validity of everything that you will be stating in the passport application. However you will be rest assured that in the end, despite the difficulty of the task, obtaining all the requirements completely will bring you all the international travel benefits entitled to a citizen of Iraq.
Identification Requirements

As primary sources of identification, one is required to submit Civil Status Identity Card as well as an Iraqi Nationality Certificate (photocopy or original) or the Original Register provided by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Iraq. Applicant should also provide for the Processing Fee of US$20. If the passport was lost or stolen, one is required to submit a copy of it together with a letter prepared by the security department of the place where it was stolen or lost.

Photo Requirements

Applicants should bring three (3) new Personal Photos taken in the last six months. They should measure 2-by-2 inches (or 5-by-5 cm), preferably on a white background and showing the face completely with the entire head uncovered. The applicant must be directly facing the camera. The forehead and the ears have to be visible. The size of the head should be from 1 to 1 3/8 inches.

Requirements for Bearers of "S", "M" and "N" Series Passports

The Iraqi S series passport is extremely vulnerable to counterfeiting as well as various forms of alteration. Thus, because of such reasons, the United States and the United Kingdom have determined that the S series passport does not establish the bearer's identity and nationality as required by the law. To travel to the U.S. and to obtain a U.S. visa, Iraqi citizens with existing "S," "M" and "N" series passports must obtain a "G" or an "H" series passport duly re-validated by the issuing authority.

Requirements for Iraqi Children

A legalized Birth Certificate is needed before a child who is 12 years old or below can be added to the passport of either of his parents. He or his parents should also submit other documents proving the Iraqi nationality of the child, or his father's if the child's civil status card is unavailable. Furthermore, in case of the child will be added to his Iraqi mother, a Written Consent of his father should be provided.