Requirements to Obtain a Mexican Passport

Requirements to Obtain a Mexican Passport
Requirements to Obtain a Mexican Passport
Mexican passports allow you to travel from Mexico to other countries for business or pleasure. They can be obtained through the Secretaria De Relaciones Exteriores in Mexico or through an embassy or consulate outside of Mexico. Passports act as proof of who you are and where you are from. They include information such as your given names, birth date and birth location. Mexican passports also have an expiration date and a hologram picture.

Obtain an application form from the Secretaria De Relaciones Exteriores or from a Mexican Embassy. Complete form OP-5 for an adult passport and form OP-7 for a child passport. Fill it out eligibly by typewriter or by hand, making sure to sign everywhere it's requested. Make a photocopy of the application form because you must present the original and copy. Make an appointment with the Secretaria De Relaciones Exteriores because as of 2008, appointments are strongly suggested. It can take a few months to obtain an appointment, so plan accordingly.


Submit a Certificate of Declaration of Mexican nationality, a birth certificate certified by the civil registry, a certificate of citizenship identity or a certificate of naturalization to prove your identity. You must also include an official ID issued by a Mexican authority, including a picture and official seal. Acceptable IDs include an official letter of good conduct, Certificate of Studies, Credencial de elector (Voter' s card), ID from any Mexican learning institution, Cartilla de Servicio Militar Nacional (Military Service National ID card) and Matrícula Consular (Consular ID Card). In addition, submit three passport photos taken in the last 30 days. You're not allowed to wear sunglasses, head or face coverings in the picture and it must have a white background. Show proof of ability to pay for the passport.

When minors or people who are incapacitated apply for a passport, their officer, parent or guardian must show photo ID. They must also report to the Embassy to obtain permission for the application. If one of the parents can't attend the appointment, she or he will need to sign form OP-7. People renewing their passport must submit all of the above documents as well as their former passport.


The fees for Mexican passports changed in 2007. The cost of official passports, which are valid for up to two years, is about $23. Renewing a passport costs about $18. Tourist passports and travel documents, which are good for up to one year, cost just under $30. Those that are valid for five years cost $75 and those good for 10 years cost $122. As of 2005, people over the age of 60, farm workers and individuals with handicaps are entitled to a 50 percent discount on passports.

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